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If you’re looking to enter the CBD or Marijuana market either online or open a retail store you should get some training from Tai Lopez, the social media influencer


Tai Lopez is an American citizen that was born in Fullerton , California, in April 11th1977. His full name is Taino Adrian Lopez. He is 42 years now, Tai spent almost all his childhood life in Los Angeles and was raised mostly by both his mother and grandmother. It is recorded that Lopez started getting interested in business when he turned six years, so he started helping his mum to sell the products the mum had to sell at that time. Lopez was an engineering student at a point before he dropped out.

At this time Lopez started reading business books and after getting enough information he decided to pursue a career in the business industry by himself and became a certified financial planner. In 2007 he became the owner of the Elite Global dating LLC. Presently, Tai Lopez is a man of many parts, he is an internet entrepreneur and marketer, an advisor, an investor, a motivational speaker and is in partnership with about 20 multi-million dollar companies. Lopez is known to be a sharer of advices on health, happiness and love by using his podcast. Lopez is the owner of a nightclub business situated in NY City and he is presently one of the speakers of the Ted talks which bothers on entertainment, design and technology. He is also the owner of Tai Lopez Business School.

Tai Lopez as a powerful social media influencer

To move his career to the level he wanted, Lopez became a force on the social media scene. He became very active with providing and promoting his acquired business ideas on all major social media platforms. He started by launching his YouTube channel and currently has over 3 million subscribers and over 264 million views.

He runs his official Instagram page and at present he has 3 millions followers, his official twitter followers stand at 4 million and Facebook page has a whooping 6 million followers. With these numbers of following Tai Lopez can be said to be one of the most popular figure on social media platforms. So if you need to follow Tai Lopez then the different social media to follow is, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and his official website.

Facts about Tai Lopez

The following facts are to be noted about Tai Lopez

Lopez is a successful businessman and has become a consultant, an advisor, a motivational speaker and a multi-millionaire. He put together a series of mentor shortcuts which he called ‘’67 steps though a college

dropout’’. Lopez is a certified financial planner and has about a million YouTube subscribers to show for it. Before now, Lopez had spent two and a half years living with the Amish and also working in the leper colony in India.

When Lopez was 16 years he needed answers to issues so he wrote a letter to his grandfather who was then a scientist to give him answers to some hard life’s questions. This helps him now to give pieces of advice to people in about 40 countries on love, health and wealth through his podcast. Lopez currently lives in Beverly hills’, he has Ty Lopez tai has his nickname, he is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, has dark brown hair and a dark brown eyes as well. His current girl friend is Kenna Alastair.

What does Tai Lopez really do?

Apart from owning a nightclub business in Hollywood, Lopez has also worked in the world of finance to gain enough knowledge before becoming an entrepreneur. He has become now keynote speakers to a lot of businesses, an advisor and an investor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He does business mentorship online and in conferences or inner circles and also runs his 67 steps program.

Lopez runs a podcast online known as the grand the theory of everything and owns a YouTube channel as well. He is the co-founder of Mentorbox which is a subscription based program. Lopez is a social media influencer and a social media strategist

Programs initiated by Tai Lopez

There are different programs currently available now for purchase if you need good mentorship from Tai Lopez, there are credit mentor program 2.0, credit mentor program, real estate flipping program, master plan seminar, social media secrets program, fundamentals of investing, the 67 steps, VIP lifestyle training program, once a month live VIP coaching calls, Advanced business coaching calls is upcoming, knowledge bank and the accelerator: money. Each of these programs are quite affordable you can budget from $49 upward.

Benefits derived from Tai Lopez programs

If you allow Lopez the serial entrepreneur and core mentor become your business mentor through his programs you will see a crystal clear difference in your business, When Lopez becomes your mentor you will achieve love, health, happiness and wealth. Lopez as the no 1 social media influencers will show you how to leverage on the social media platforms to make a huge success of your business. You will acquire business knowledge; discover the one thing that first 3 wealthiest people on earth do to succeed. You will get information, certification and skills from top practicing experts.
You will learn the key skills of marketing, career growth, how to get paying customers, how to close sales deal and you will also acquired professional skills such as leadership skills, lead generation skills, sales and persuasion skills, digital marketing and copywriting skills. So what are you waiting for, go get your own preferred program and register today you will be glad you did.

Why the Tai Lopez programs are successful

Lopez programs are all proven to be working before its release, these programs are tested internally before there are released. Tai Lopez is an established brand which has 6.2 million fans on Facebook, 1 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million followers on twitter. Lopez has been an investor, an advisor and a partner to over 20 multimillion dollar businesses. Tai Lopez brand is a brand that touches millions of people’s lives