Humans wear shoes every time we leave the house. However, this practice doesn’t work similarly to dogs. Instead, their paw comes in contact with the ground, keeping their precious paws exposed to dirt. This is where CBD products, specifically CBD balm, come in to solve the problem.

CBD Balm for Dogs

CBD oil and CBD balm for dogs are now a fast-growing industry. These products are now considered to be an excellent treatment for pets. Without a doubt, CBD balms are already a huge business; Grand View Research reports that as of 2020, the CBD industry has surpassed $37.4 million. 

However, Dr. Jerry Klein, American Kennel Club’s Chief Vet Officer, has given some cautions regarding the use of CBD. While it may offer potential benefits for your pets, owners must first consult their vets prior to providing medical treatments. 

Why Use Dog Paw Balm 

Most dogs have five primary paw pads. The large one is called the metacarpal pad, which also serves as their “palm,” often called the metatarsal pad. The four paws are then called digital pads. Each of them consists of fatty tissue found underneath the skin, which serves as a shock absorber to help ease the pressure on your pet’s joints.

Yet, their paw pads can still end up getting burnt and cracked whenever your dog runs, plays, and walks outdoors. Eventually. these paw pads will result in hardened and cracked skin as they age. In most cases, these effects can be a huge discomfort for your pets since their paw pads’ flexibility has diminished over the years.  

Playful dogs, especially those that work in more challenging conditions, examples include rescue dogs and sled dogs, are susceptible to having paw pad problems

This is because their paw pads usually create a layer of protective cells that shield against harsh environments. This becomes an issue as the paw pads become extra hard. Having cracked and dry paw pads can be extremely painful for dogs and can lead to infections. 

An excellent and reliable CBD balm for dogs can help soothe your dog’s skin. In addition, these balms can moisturize and hydrate their paws, which are two significant factors that keep your pet’s paws solid and healthy.

How do CBD paws balms help? 

While we can’t directly make precise claims regarding CBD balms and other products, we can discuss our positive experience with them. It is worth repeating that the hot pavement, where dogs run or walk around, can hurt and put a beating on their paw pads. CBD is recognized to aid soreness, inflammation, and other skin conditions.

Many pet owners have witnessed improvement to the cracked pads and dry noses too. CBD balms are indeed great for skin irritations. Just keep in mind that you choose a balm that is free from artificial scents. Undoubtedly, your dog will lick the residue so, choose a food-grade product to keep them safe while healing. Furthermore, ensure that the CBD product is composed of food-grade ethanol and does not have harmful solvents. A food-grade CBD product with plant butters and coconut oil is your best bet since they condition and moisturize the paws. 

Dog Paw Balm: Our Verdict

Needless to say, dogs love to play, run, and explore the excellent outdoors. For them to truly enjoy these things, as a pet owner, you should help them have healthy paw pads to carry them throughout the years. Remember that unhealthy paw pads can lead to cracking and drying, which can also lead to other severe issues; luckily, you can now run into a dog paw balm! Help your pet feel great again by giving them the best CBD balm available in the market.  

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